What Others Are Saying

“I have had the pleasure of working with Peter for the past few years, first while he was at Bank of America and later as he taught a sales and negotiations seminar at the University of Kentucky IMG Sports Marketing Academy. He is an outstanding communicator whose best trait is his ability to navigate difficult business situations and negotiate for a true win-win outcome. While calm and confident, he is always respectful. We negotiated two very large high-profile deals with the University of Texas and Bank of America. Peter also did an excellent job presenting and motivating our large group at the UKSMA. He is a passionate, smart, motivated person who has a broad business background. He will be a huge asset for any organization with whom he works.”
Scott Willingham
Vice President/General Manager
IMG College/Longhorn Sports Network
September 2009

“Peter Osborne is a financial services professional with a passion for creating strong, fair partnerships recognizing the value that both parties bring to a relationship. It was a pleasure to work with Peter on our Cal Alumni Association/Bank of America negotiations. The resulting program generated incremental revenue for both parties. I would recommend Peter’s services for your consideration.”
Tuck Coop
Executive Director
Cal (Berkeley) Alumni Association
September 2009

“In his time at MBNA, Peter championed the execution of a negotiations strategy across the entire Business Development division, which ultimately served as the foundation for every Account Executive in their dealings with business partners. An additional milestone in his career was successfully leading the re-engineering of critical Marketing and Business Development processes that secured two key objectives: consistency and compliance within the division. Overall, Peter is a driven, self-motivated executive who brings a level of critical thinking and perspective any organization would highly value.”
David Resurreccion
EVP, NetSpend Corp.
Former MBNA Mid-Atlantic Region/Regional Director
July 2009

“I worked with Peter when we were renewing our contract with (Bank of America). Peter is a skilled leader with a very broad knowledge of business and an acute knowledge of negotiations. He brought a special passion and intensity to our renewal. His ability to understand our needs through active listening and then to translate those insights into a workable approach was really helpful. We appreciated his desire to think creatively on how to bring resolution to areas that seemed like nonstarters for both sides. He is definitely a leader and skilled negotiator at aligning the interests of the bank and the organization.”
Eric Cox
Director, Partnerships and Membership
Stanford University
May 2009


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