Strategic and Brand Messaging

Core Competencies:
– Development of White Papers and Strategic Plans
– Preparation for Media Interviews/Development of Talking Points
– Editing/Proofreading
– Employee Communications

Can you explain in 30 seconds or less what makes your company unique? Can your employees communicate that same message? And do you deliver what your promise in your elevator speech?

Most companies can’t.

There’s been a lot written lately about the importance of succinct and memorable elevator speeches. I can help you with yours and then identify ways you can translate those brand and strategic messages into your external marketing materials and through your internal communications.

Too many sales, marketing, and internal communications don’t get read because they’re too long and/or too boring. They don’t get to the point quickly enough. They lack a call to action. They don’t explain the benefit to the customer. The list goes on.

I have nearly two decades of experience on both sides of the media aisle – as both a reporter and editor and as the director of media relations for a Fortune 500 financial services company that was constantly on the hot seat. In addition, over the past few years I have spent a lot of time providing communications counsel and developing talking points for reporters and legislators on a range of topics including student credit-card lending and affinity credit card marketing.

Just click on the Contact Us link if you need help with elevator speeches, white papers, speeches and presentations, annual reports, employee communications, or just want someone to take a second look at what others have written for clarity or typos (yes, proofreading).

Beyond that, I can help you identify and communicate best practices across your organization. Many organizations operate in silos, and processes that work well for one area might well apply elsewhere but people just aren’t talking. We can bring people together, discuss what’s working well and what’s not, and then communicate that across business areas.


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