Personal Branding

You’ve heard the stories about hundreds of people applying for the same executive position. Do you find yourself scratching your head weeks after applying for a position that you thought you’d be perfect for and wondering why you never got a call?

If you’re having problems getting traction in your job search, you may need a set of fresh eyes to look at your marketing materials. I’ll take a look at your resume, LinkedIn profile, and other marketing materials and then ask you to catalog your strengths and weaknesses. We’ll then talk about ways you can crystallize your value proposition and translate it to documents that will raise your visibility with recruiters and hiring managers.

Just click on Contact Us and we’ll get started.

“I came to Pete looking for assistance around my career communications. He listened to the points I made and took time to fully understand my background. Pete provided me with a full set of suggestions around my career branding, packaging and communications. This included written documentation and a sound strategy around social media, web pages and blogs. Almost immediately after implementation, my LinkedIn account showed a sustained 200% increase in page views. I subsequently received many unsolicited and positive comments on my “new” LinkedIn presence. Pete has superior skills in translating complex information into common terms and effectively organizing ideas for presentation and acceptance. It was a pleasure working with Pete and I highly recommend him.”
Ed Kerbs
March 2010

“Peter has an uncanny ability to listen intently, ask insightful questions, and convert his new-found understanding into crystal clear messages, all in a remarkably short amount of time. Peter followed his 30 minute interview of me with a prompt and dramatically improved re-write of my Linked In profile that resulted in me being included in 6 recruiter searches and one recruiter telephone call within the following 7 days!
George Wasilczyk
March 2010


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