Negotiations and RFPs

Core Competencies:
– Assistance with Preparation of RFP Responses
– Development of Sales Proposals
– Deal Coaching
– Facilitation of Basic and Advanced Negotiation Classes
– Implementation of a Negotiations Infrastructure
– Development of Tools and Capture of Best Practices

I’ve been doing a lot of work lately to help companies sell new customers on their products and services. You don’t need an 80-page opus that explains each and every product feature in mind-numbing detail. You need someone who can help you explain how you’re going to solve their problem and what makes your company unique. I can help you with developing a strategy for responding to an RFP or just write the proposal for you.

If you’re the one looking for a solution to a problem, I can help you develop Sales Proposals that will enable prospective vendors or partners to understand what’s important to you so they can respond in a way that enables you to find the best match.

Negotiations Support
When you look at the thousands of books, articles, and podcasts that have been devoted to negotiations, everyone says pretty much the same thing: Prepare relentlessly. Ask lots of questions to understand the other side’s needs and interests. Try to get the other side to make the first offer.

We moved negotiations at the world’s largest affinity credit card issuer from an individual skill to an organizational core competency that impacted relationships with thousands of programs in the sports, co-branded, professional, collegiate, and financial institution markets. The introduction of a structured approach enabled us to move from relying on a few tenured executives to negotiate critical deals and expand the process to a much larger number. That enabled us to focus on negotiating better results on smaller programs and accelerate the pace of negotiations in general.

I can do the same for your organization. There are a number of negotiations classes out there; I work with the Shapiro Negotiations Institute in Baltimore, MD, and they’re terrific. Frankly, running everyone through a class is a quick fix that won’t pay long-term dividends if you don’t commit to changing the way you approach the process. I can help you with a longer-term relationship that includes a variety of initiatives that help build a world-class negotiating organization.

We were successful in this respect because we did the following:
– Gained the active, visible support of top executives.
– Developed bottom-line-oriented curriculum that used real-life business-related case studies that enabled participants to “practice” in a safe yet testing environment.
– Supplemented classroom time with coaching and group activities that reinforced our commitment to everyone getting better.
– Created easy-to-use tools and support materials that promoted advance preparation, reflection, assessment, and continuous improvement.

I also offer deal-coaching services that will help you develop a systematic approach to key negotiations and reinforce the power of preparation and probing.

Beyond that, I can help you identify and communicate best practices from individual negotiations across your organization. Many organizations operate in silos, and processes that work well for one area might well apply elsewhere but people just aren’t talking. We can bring people together, discuss what worked and what didn’t, and then communicate that across business areas.


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