How I Can Help You

Here are some of the ways I can help your organization operate more efficiently, reduce expenses, and increase revenues, customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

1. Deal Coaching. Helping you prepare for a negotiation and guiding you through the minefields.
2. Improve Negotiations Companywide. After a needs analysis, we’ll determine whether we can offer introductory classes and/or more advanced programs using company-specific case studies; and introduce “real deal roundtables” where everyone participates in discussing upcoming negotiations or reviewing recently completed deals.
3. Create Negotiations Tools. After analyzing the nature of your negotiations, we’ll determine whether there is information that is not being shared that would make it easier for your team to prepare and be successful.
4. Preparing for Media Interviews. Developing key messages, identifying potential questions and building responses, and helping you practice.
5. Simplify broken practices or policies. After understanding the reasons for excessive bureaucracy or other breakdown points, I’ll work with your team to identify ways to streamline processes or build new ones. Often, these problems are due to business areas with good motives failing to talk to each other. I’ll bring them together and make sure we’re all talking the same language.
6. Development of White Papers and Other Corporate Documents. I have experience writing white papers, annual reports, and other internal and external corporate communications.
7. Presentation templates. Give your team a starting point so they can concentrate on how to customize your message to their prospects or existing clients.
8. Sales Proposals and RFP Responses. No matter which side of the sales equation you’re on, I can help you develop proposals that will elicit responses that help you base your decision on more than price or help you craft responses that focus on those areas that differentiate you from the competition.
9. Design of internal newsletters or publications. I’ve edited successful weekly business newspapers and created corporate publications that improve employee engagement and reinforce your messages.
10. Website usability/readability. I can review your website and make specific recommendations to make it more customer-friendly and easy to read.

I can also help you manage revenue-generating or expense-cutting projects you’ve put on the back burner because your team was focusing on putting out other fires.

Here are some testimonials from people I’ve worked with in the past.


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