I help businesses and individuals sharpen their brand and strategic messages to increase sales and partner retention, improve RFP and negotiation “close” ratios, and drive higher employee engagement. I eliminate barriers to marketing success by creating consistency across business “silos” and crafting sales messages, support tools, communications, and curriculum that drive accountability at the team and enterprise level.

What keeps you awake at night?

For some executives, it’s sales and marketing materials – including RFP responses and sales proposals – that fail to capture what sets you apart from your competition. For others, it’s the feeling that your negotiation teams are just “winging it” against better-prepared prospects. And for some, it’s hearing the constant complaint that internal processes are broken and it takes way too long to get things done.

Sometimes companies need a fresh set of eyes. Sometimes they just need someone who knows how to get things done. I bring both…with the added benefit (from my experience as an award-winning editor and reporter) of working quickly and asking great questions that help move your organization forward.

I call my approach Bulldog Simplicity because it describes how I work to reduce communications and organizational complexity. John Maeda describes simplicity, in his book The Laws of Simplicity, as “subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.” You can read more about how I work on my Bulldog Simplicity blog.

Don’t you deserve a good night’s sleep?

Collegiate Credit Card Programs: I’m helping alumni associations and universities get a better handle on how the economy and changes in the legislative environment will impact their credit-card program revenue. If you’re losing sleep over your program’s future income, I can help you find ways to make your program more profitable.
Personal Branding: A growing number of unemployed and under-employed executives are losing sleep over their inability to get traction in their job searches. If you’re in that group, I can help you crystallize your value proposition, beef up your resume and/or LinkedIn profile and demonstrate what sets you apart from your competition.

Peter Osborne helped us create a clear and compelling message for our Business Intelligence start-up company. We had clearly defined our offer and target customers, but we needed a concise statement to explain our value proposition to prospects. Peter researched our industry, read through our materials, and interviewed me to get a solid understanding of our business. He then quickly delivered a revised overview statement that I was able to immediately send out to several prospects, even while we were finalizing the wording and layout. Peter took the time to understand our business well enough that we could trust the outcome of his work. That’s a real strength, and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs this kind of help.
Bob Scott
President, Scott & Bilander, LLC
September 2009


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