How I Can Help You

I help businesses eliminate barriers to marketing success. Quickly! I sharpen brand and strategic messages to increase sales and partner retention, improve RFP and negotiation “close” ratios, and drive employee engagement.  I create consistency across business “silos” and craft sales messages, support tools, marketing collateral, and curriculum that drive accountability and bring order to chaos.  My journalism experience enables me to get up to speed quickly and deliver a simple, “sticky” message.

Core Competencies:

  • Corporate Messaging
    • Create Excitement Around New Innovations. Explain the benefits of your new product or service in a way that resonates with prospective clients or customers.
    • Elevator Speeches/Value Propositions. Explain what makes you special in simple, understandable ways, whether you’re a company or a job-seeker.
    • External Communications. White papers, talking points, annual reports, and more.
    • Presentations That Stick. Be persuasive (i.e., don’t just dump information on your audience).
    • Preparation for Media Interviews. Avoid disaster; turn them into marketing home runs.
  • RFP and Negotiations Strategy and Execution
    • Value-Focused RFP Responses. Using a proprietary process, I can help you:
      • Craft responses that differentiate you from the competition.
      • Develop proposals that drive responses that enable you to base decisions on more than price.
    • Making Negotiations an Organizational Core Competency. After a needs analysis, we’ll determine the best way to leverage existing strengths and mitigate weaknesses.  We offer customized education, reinforcement and preparation tools, and “real deal roundtables” to help you strategize on upcoming deals or dissect recently completed ones.
    • Deal Coaching. Preparing for critical negotiations and guiding you through the minefields.
    • Sales Presentation Templates. Give your team a starting point so they can concentrate on customizing your message to prospects or existing clients.
  • Curriculum Development and Delivery
    • Bottom-Line Orientation. Experienced at developing case-study and multi-module programs that include tools that participants use long after the class.  Specializing in Negotiations, Marketing, Partner Management, Sales, and Business Writing.
    • Classroom and meeting facilitation.
  • Presentations
    • Turning Negotiations into an Organizational Core Competency.
    • Peeling Back the Onion: The Collegiate Affinity Credit Card Market
    • The Impact of the CARD Act of 2009 on Families and Students

For more information or to discuss your needs:

Helping Executives Get a Good Night’s Sleep for 25 Years


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