What’s With the Bulldog Name?

No, I’m not a graduate of the University of Georgia…the beast in my masthead notwithstanding. But I needed to come up with a name and a brand for my business that would be memorable.

A senior executive at MBNA America once got up in front of a meeting of all of Business Development and referred to me as “our bulldog” in recognition of my efforts to centralize marketing production. It had been a long, drawn-out battle to get everyone to agree that it was the best way to go, and it required total rewrites of policies and procedures, development of new job descriptions, massaging of egos, and agreement from areas we didn’t manage to give up control of some pretty important things.

This executive went on to say that whenever she and her peers needed someone who could cut through red tape or fix broken processes, the Bulldog was the person they’d turn to.

It took a long time to embrace my inner bulldog, because some might perceive the phrase in a negative way. Then, another former manager told me in a conversation this past July that I was a “pit bull who didn’t make enemies”…and that was a good thing. Pit bull seemed a bit extreme, so I started thinking about that whole “bulldog thing.”

So I Googled bulldogs. According to the Official Bulldog Standard, bulldogs represent “stability, vigor and strength. The disposition should be equable and kind, resolute and courageous (not vicious or aggressive).” So far, so good. Another site referred to bulldogs as “kind and amiable, slightly stubborn but also courageous.” That was OK too. So the dog became part of my logo.

Interestingly, when you Google bulldog, a lot of references to Winston Churchill come up too. The more I read about Sir Winston, the more I realized that his bold leadership approach was one I could certainly embrace…and try to live up to.

So you’ll see a number of references to Winston Churchill in these pages. For those who are interested, you’ll find a list of quotes that may resonate with you the way they resonated with me.

If I can live up to the examples and symbolism of the British leader and the canine, I think I will have served my clients well.


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