Must Read: Download Seth Godin’s What Matters Now for free

A veritable Who's Who of deep thinkersA few months ago, Seth Godin asked 70 of the brightest minds on the Internet to talk about a word or a phrase that answers the question, What Matters Now — something to thnk about as we enter the New Year.  He’s turned those thoughts into an e-book called, of course, What Matters Now that you can download here for free.

Some of my favorite writers are represented here — people who are Must Reads on their own.  Alan Webber, who wrote the Rules of Thumb — his word was Unsustainability.  Tom Peters (Excellence, of course).  Chip and Dan Heath (Change). Chris Anderson (Atoms).  Dan Pink (Autonomy).  Tim Sanders (Confidence). Zappos’s Tony Hsieh (Poker). Seth himself (Generosity).  And the list goes on and on.

I have to say it surprises me that the word that drives this blog isn’t represented:  Simplicity.  Perhaps it’s the growing complexity of the Web and of social media that led the word to be ignored.  Perhaps, as I continue to read through this book I’ll find that Simplicity is covered by a brighter mind than my own under the guise of a different word.

Seth is hoping for 5 million hits on this book through the various sites that are letting readers download it.  More to the point, he’s hoping for a lot of dialogue around the thoughts in his book and by readers who have their own thoughts.

What do you think?  Which of these resonated with you?  What’s missing?  What Matters To You?  I’ll be blogging on Simplicity soon.  I hope to have the chance to read your thoughts too.


One thought on “Must Read: Download Seth Godin’s What Matters Now for free

  1. I received a terrific comment from Sam Waltz, a Wilmington, DE-based public relations consultant (and more) on a LinkedIn group where I put a link to this posting. I thought I’d share it with my blog readers:

    Peter, anyone who enjoys Seth Godin’s books ought to make certain they read TRIBES, per my perspective below on how it fits into Social Media…

    1. At , the world’s largest Professional Society of PR professionals and Business Communicators, where I’m a past National President & Board Chair (1999), at our International Conference in San Diego in November, 2/3rds of the presentations this year seemed to be about advancing organizational goals with Social Media & Engagement, up from virtually zero presentations on the topic just a couple years ago.

    In his great book TRIBES, author / marketing guru Seth Godin writes about the creation of Cyber Communities as the great new Marketing / Awareness-Bldg / Engagement-Bldg tool of the future, perhaps even the present, since 2010 will be the year of its emergence.

    3. Via ListServes, and in other venues, we’re seeing COMMUNITY MANAGER evolve as the next great PR / Communications job specialty, where the Cyber Community is created and hosted by such a Communications Professional, the COMMUNITY MANAGER, who makes certain that value is added in the community, and that whoever organizes and sponsors it enjoys some strategic benefit from that leadership.

    4. (COL), Via a Greater Philadelphia-based Strategic Partner we’re using, where Kevin McCann is the principal, (610) 842-4238 , . We’ve found this COL platform for the creation of Cyber Communities to be ideal around which and on which to build and engage Stakeholder Communities.

    Kevin’s firm COL seems to be the state-of-the-art leader in a not-very-crowded niche of custom “Private Network” Social Media platforms. COL is created based on IP (Intellectual Property) built by $4 million in venture capital last year out of the Philadelphia Science Center area on campus at the University of Pennsylvania.

    5. For illustration, contrast Private Network – a network that looks / feels like both a Facebook and a website, but with richer features – that’s built just for a School, non-profit Association or Club, a Mommy Blogger network on a particular topic or region, a Corporate Car Pool, etc. – vs. a Universal Network like Facebook or LinkedIn, where your profile must by necessity be universal, since it’s shared with Family, Friends, old School Buddies, Drinking Buddies, CoWorkers, Club Members, Neighbors, etc.

    Ultimately, it’s my view, as someone who’s labored in this External Affairs / Stakeholder Relations / Reputation Management field for more than 30 years, at the DuPont Co. first and since 1993 in my own firm, more work of Marketing / Communications / PR / Advertising Firms will be built on counseling people on the creation of Cyber Communities, where the PR person effectively becomes the COMMUNITY MANAGER / LEADER, reaching and building / hosting a dialogue that benefits the “sponsor,” her / his employer, organization, company, not-for-profit, whatever.

    6. And for Firms / Agencies / Consultants, this also gives such Firms a chance to go to the clients with whom you work, or with whom you’d like to work, and “engage” them on the Social Media topic. Interestingly, too, COL (I don’t know about others) uses a ReSeller program (akin to Commissionable Media that Ad Agencies may sell / place) that can generate great incremental revenue on each sale, not to mention the consulting revenue from communications programs that Agencies would build around the Social Media technology implementation., if anyone wants to chat offline and one-on-one about this.

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