Simplifying his approach paid off for Red Sox slugger

I’m a big believer in preparation — sometimes more than others think necessary — but I understand why David Ortiz of the Red Sox went in the other direction to save his season.

After hitting only one home run in April and May, Ortiz says he woke up one morning and decided to act like he was back in Little League.  So he stopped taking extra batting practice, stopped obsessing over videotapes, and stopped listening to every tidbit of advice from well-meaning teammates, opponents, and friends.

Ortiz credits Boston hitting coach Dave Magadan with his change in approach, saying Magadan told him that all the people whispering in his ear were distracting and to reduce the clutter in his mind.  Magadan told Ortiz in late May to go out and have fun and reminded Ortiz that other people had “much bigger problem than you.”

Little Leaguers, in Ortiz’s words, “just go and play baseball, that’s it.”  Since June 6, Ortiz is leading the American League in homers and while he’s not the same player he was a few seasons ago, he has certainly made his presence known.

In times like these, we can all overthink what we’re doing — be it presentations, memos, how we manage, or how we approach our day-to-day responsibilities.  We press too much, and as a result get away from our true strengths.

How can you get back to your inner Little Leaguer?


One thought on “Simplifying his approach paid off for Red Sox slugger

  1. Great insight! David Ortiz is the real deal. As a proud super-analyzer myself, I have also discovered that sometimes one must simply act. And, by the way, Go Sox!

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