Does your scorecard do the job this well?

The U.S. real time
The U.S. real time

What do you look for in your dashboard/scorecard of key business indicators?  I want data that’s actionable.  I want it readable (i.e., not too many numbers and fairly easy to read).  I’d like a touch of elegance.  More often than not, I have probably failed at achieving these goals in the interest of packing lots of information onto one page.

If it’s possible to be jealous of how data is presented, I’m jealous of the U.S. Debt Clock website.  Go ahead and click on it.   Complex data in real time.  Tell me it doesn’t inspire you to take a second look at the way you collect and present your key business indicators.  This is simplicity with a bite (i.e., Bulldog Simplicity).


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