Simply put, “I’m not a moral-victory guy.”

I keep a notebook on my desk where I capture great quotes for presentations and other uses.

“I’m not a moral-victory guy” got added to the book during the 49ers-Cardinals game yesterday.  I Googled it this morning.  Apparently, San Francisco coach Mike Singletary showed up at a State of the Franchise meeting in San Mateo back on Feb. 16 and laid this one on the crowd.  For the past few years, San Francisco has looked for rays of sunshine in otherwise dismal games (e.g., close games, goal-line stands, great individual performances).  When asked about this, new coach Singletary responded,  “I know you don’t know me real well.  I’m not a moral-victory guy.”

The crowd erupted and a new ad campaign was born.  Travel around the Bay Area these days and you’ll find quotes like “I’m not a moral-victory guy.” and “I want winners.”

The 49ers marketing department concedes the campaign is a bit of a high-wire act, since it implies a promise of a return to winning ways.  But Singletary has brought a whole new attitude to the team.  And attitude often paves the way to better execution and bottom-line performance.

And Bulldog Simplicity has a new favorite coach.


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